Emails in Minutes

It's Monday night... you had planned on sending an email to your newsletter list on Tuesday morning. But your fingers sit idle. 

You hop onto Facebook. See what's trending on Netflix. 

And click back to that blank screen.

But never again! Grab the Emails in Minutes and get hundreds of email subject lines and content templates to help get you started with any type of email that you want to create - from your welcome series to launch emails and nurturing emails that help build a relationship with your subscribers.

Email marketing has a 41x ROI - but you actually have to write and send the right attention-grabbing emails.

Now you can - in minutes.

I get it. It feels so much easier to go post a quick inspirational quote or flash sale on Facebook than to Ugh.
“Write an email” even SOUNDS like a headache waiting to happen

And then there are all the little things you need to check – like your footer and links and what if you forget to change the subject line?

But what if you could consistently send emails to your warm, engaged subscribers – the types of emails that get opened, read, and most importantly – emails that drive sales! And you could do it in as little as 20 minutes a week?

With Emails in Minutes You Will...

  • Speed up the time from subscribe to sale
  • Improve your email response rates
  • Get emails finished & sent – in minutes!
  • Drop the stress of figuring out what to send
  • Build your email writing confidence
  • Start sending emails consistently
  • ... and much more!

Imagine: Get a month's worth of content done in less than an afternoon.

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