Minimum Viable Marketing - The Book

Find the right pieces to build your marketing strategy. 

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything without success. Or you’ve been putting off trying anything because you just don’t know where to start. 

With Minimum Viable Marketing you will:

  • Build a sustainable foundation for your marketing
  • Amplify your marketing messages to reach more customers
  • Measure your efforts to keep improving your results
  • Overcome procrastination and make the most of your time
  • Develop processes to streamline your marketing efforts

Minimum Viable Marketing helps you sort through the noise to build a sustainable foundation and amplify your marketing messages to reach more customers. You’ll get better results in less time – and with less frustration. 

Learn the essential five-piece framework that any business can use to encourage growth without overwhelm. You’ll know which strategies are working to grow your business (and which aren’t), so you can make the most of your marketing resources. And you’ll know when you’re ready to expand and try new things.

The Minimum Viable Marketing framework was created by author Brandi Johnson after working in corporate marketing for 15 years, and supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs to market their own businesses. This proven technique has worked for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, women in business, and bigger companies. 

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